Fill This Pot…The Dave Project…

What is it about refrigerators that compels us to stick stuff on its surface. I’ve got photos of my “So Long STINK-TOWN,” good-bye party. There are remnants of a vegetable and fruit magnet set, where the strawberries are as big as a bunch of bananas and one potato equals a bunch of grapes. Magnetic word sets, spontaneously  erupt in sentences during dinner parties and proclaim, “Food is the world of love. Summer showers on a crack morning. Dance, Dance and Dance.” My fridge is a stainless steel wonder with more compartments than I know what to do with. I purposely put vegetables in the fruit bin and vice versa.  As you listen to this piece The Dave Project , funded by The Chipstone Foundation in Milwaukee, think about  what  you post on your fridge says about you.

3 thoughts on “Fill This Pot…The Dave Project…

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